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For Suppliers

The Cut-In team has spend years running supplier meet-and-greets for big capital projects. We know how frustrating they can be.


Cut-In is designed to make finding opportunities faster, better, and easier for everyone involved. But sharing better data with buyers up-front, Cut-In connects you to real buy-side contracts when they come up. We jumpstart real matchmaking.

Real Connections

No more anonymous meet-and-greet sessions with endless introductions to folks who aren't your buyer. Not another supplier database to that buyers don't check.


We are the one stop for real information about your true strengths and capabilities that OSW buyers care about.

Image by Cytonn Photography

Actual Opportunities

Get put in front of buyers when they have opportunities--so you can stop chasing endless leads. Through Cut-In, buyers find your services and skills when they have actual needs for you. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Better Feedback

The endless follow-ups after meeting potential buyers at sessions are frustrating and confusing. Why didn't you get a change? Cut-In provides real time market-level feedback on how you can improve your business to better meet the demands of OSW. Update your information in Cut-In whenever you're ready. 

Image by Headway
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