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For Buyers

Developers, OEMs and Tier I and II suppliers can rely on Cut-In to ID, vet and build confidence in capable local suppliers. Cut-In aggregates reliable data about suppliers' readiness and relevant experience, letting you focus on hitting regulatory goals, tax credits, and cost savings. 

Why trust Cut-In?

For buyers at all levels of the OSW supply chain, Cut-In makes supplier ID and evaluation easier. We sit behind local supplier databases to let you get what you need, where you need it, from suppliers that are ready to work.

Better Supplier Intel

No more supplier meet-and-greets where Supply Chain reps add local suppliers to yet another list. Cut-In is a stable of pre-screened suppliers ready to go.

Trusted Vetting

Our screening algorithm is built on the input of actual industry experts and real buyers. We use available data from suppliers to accurately assess their viability to work with you and Tier II suppliers.

Open Access

OSW supply chain is multi-layered. Buyers of all tiers can access to find viable suppliers that meet their local impact objectives--rolling up to a successful mega project

Focused Impact

Using supplier demographic data, buyers can more easily focus ID on impact targets along location, diversity, and disadvantage lines. This will make it easier to hit I/PTC goals in IRA. 


Developers are asked to commit to local impact by local communities. Cut-In will track contract awards matching to dynamic supplier employment data to prove local impact.


Local engagement can be done in tandem with other developers and OSW majors.  Once in the database, the supplier can grow from the combined

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