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We amplify your impact.

For Communities

Massive investments are being made in local communities and state ecosystems.


Acting like a back-office for local ecosystem leaders and their lists, events, and local knowledge, Cut-In is a powerful tool to help broker real economic connections between local businesses and OSW supply chains--and track impact outcomes in real-time. 

Boost Scale

By sitting behind existing supplier databases and connection-making events, Cut-In empowers suppliers and buyers to make authentic commercial connections by letting buyers find the right suppliers when they need them--not just when they meet at your events.

Image by Sander Weeteling

Improved Collaboration

All ecosystem players know the challenge of regional interests when OSW projects span state lines. Cut-In is regional agnostic and flexible for all involved. It will be a single hub for all OSW supply chain development activities--and help suppliers to match their needs to services local ecosystems provide.

Image by Alina Grubnyak

Impact Tracking

Since Cut-In uses supplier financial and operational data, we will be able to observe impact beyond reported jobs and contract counts. Cut-In will make detailed impact data on economic and social outcomes available for policy-makers and supply chain leaders.

Image by Diego PH
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