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Cut-In is the speed at which turbines begin to produce energy. 

We get America's supply chains spinning. 

Not another supplier database.

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) incentivizes developers to buy and hire locally--but this is hard and expensive: It's a common belief that there is no domestic OSW supply chain.


At Cut-In, we see it differently: There are many local manufacturers, marine operators, contractors, suppliers, and more that could deliver in OSW environments--many that represent high-priority disadvantaged groups.


Cut-In is a better supplier database that uses reliable and objective data about contractors' readiness (specific to OSW) to give buyers more awareness of, confidence in, and connections to local businesses. 

At Cut-In, we believe America can become the world's OSW factory by leveraging our existing supply chains to rise to the energy transition challenge. 


We are supply chain tech for social good.  

Built for buyers, by buyers


We've mapped actual buyer concerns and needs into our supplier assessment. They are tuned to make sure give buyers confidence suppliers can deliver with success in complex OSW operating environments.


Suppliers provide their own details to run through the objective assessment, which are levelized against industry peers.  Suppliers get a readiness score, while their critical company details are never shared with buyers. 


Buyers can access suppliers based on the unique requirements of their project--based on locality, diversity, and readiness. Matching happens when opportunities are live--not when the networking sessions are going on.

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How It Works

Cut-In objectively assesses supplier capabilities against buyers' priorities, comparing them to industry peers. It offers buyers a reliable assessment of a supplier's ability to deliver in OSW.




Our team has spent nearly 10 years working between anchor buyers and local suppliers in Boston, Chicago, NYC, and DC. We have seen first hand the frustration for both buyers and suppliers to find opportunities to realize the economic impact of big projects. We believe it can be done differently 


We hear the same splashy numbers about local and diverse impact of the energy transition. We want to make sure local communities actually benefit most. We want buyers to be confident they can easily find reliable businesses that are ready to get into OSW.


The Cut-In app first started as CASE in Chicago, where over 400 businesses won nearly $50MM in new contracts from big buyers committed to their backyards economic fortune. This technology is proven and we are actively testing it in OSW contexts.



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